Psssst… Want to dance the “Argentine Tango”?

We will teach you “how” even if you’ve never danced before!

We specialize in teaching the authentic steps, attractive legwork, and unique partner dancing techniques of the Argentine Tango.


  • Learn how to dance Argentine Tango with a relaxed progressive format that is easy to understand, use, and to enjoy.
  • Learn how to lead or follow any dance partner so everyone will enjoy dancing with you.
  • Learn how easy it is to move around the dance floor gracefully and with confidence (floorcraft), so you don’t bump into other dancers.
  • Most importantly we teach you how to let go and start improvising and expressing yourself to music.

Take that first tango step and contact us today.

Right Now.

Let us show you “how easy it is” to become original, unique, elegant and exciting in the way that will make you a pleasure to dance with.

Your teachers Gary and Sahori.