Learning Possibilities

Gary and Sahori will teach you how to dance so that everyone enjoys dancing with you.

Over the years Gary has developed a system of teaching dance/tango that makes it easy to learn, use, and enjoy. This is important because “it‘s the reason all of us dance with a partner” to give and receive the maximum enjoyment when you dance with someone.

Choose the learning formats that suit you best.

Group classes
Provide a social opportunity for you to meet many other students also there to learn to dance. Going to Gary and Sahori’s weekly group classes is an excellent way to get introduced to Tango’s techniques and steps. You will learn new steps and practice how to lead or follow different partners.

Mini classes
Small groups of four to eight get together for weekly lessons and receive more personalized attention from Gary and Sahori than possible in a larger group. You can organize your own group of friends and we’ll be happy to set up a time for your personal classes at your place or ours.

Private classes
Become the dancer you want to be in the shortest possible time. If you have specific goals in dancing, need more instruction time to improve your partner communication skills or improve some aspect of your dance technique, these are the classes for you. More importantly the specialized one-on-one attention and practice with Gary or Sahori gets you looking and feeling your best in the shortest possible time. Lesson time is flexible and arranged to fit your time schedule.

Specialty workshops
Workshops by Gary and Sahori give you the teaching equivalent of having four, or even five weekly lessons all at once during a 3 hour format. Workshops are planned from time to time, usually on weekends.

For more information on class or workshop locations, times, or if you would like some friendly help in deciding the right program to suit your needs, please contact us.