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We can help you become skilled at the techniques you need to know in order to make you a desirable dance partner.
When you first see an expert couple dancing Argentine Tango it can seem so complicated that you don’t know where to begin. You might wonder if you can learn how to do those same complicated moves?
Over the years Gary has developed a system of teaching Tango that makes it easy to learn, use, and enjoy. Sahori and Gary will teach you how to dance so that everyone enjoys dancing with you. This is important because it‘s the reason all of us dance with a partner – in order to give and receive the maximum enjoyment when you dance with someone.

We specialize and teach all styles and levels of the authentic Argentine tango which include:

Argentine Tango

We specialize and teach all styles and skill levels of the authentic Argentine tangos.
Let Gary & Sahori show you how easy it is to be original, unique, elegant, and exciting dancing Tango. Learn how to become a great dance partner who knows how to dance in a way that makes you a pleasure to dance with.

Here’s what you can expect from our tango lessons:

• You will be learning how to move your body across the floor in the unique style of the    Argentine tango.

• You will learn how to lead and follow your dance partner so all partners will enjoy dancing with you.

• You will learn how to confidently move around any dance floor (floor craft), so you don’t bump into other dancers.

• You will learn how to easily personalize your dancing to the music.

• The sooner you get started the sooner you can enjoy this experience for yourself!


The Milonga is the fun and most playful of all the Tango Styles. The musical beats of Milonga are up tempo, rhythmical and easy to hear. When dancing Milonga dancers avoid pausing and frequently add double time steps (traspies) into their walks and turns.
Many dancers consider Milonga figures to be less complicated and the easiest dance to learn.
The late Argentine tango master Pepito Avellaneda(1930-1996) danced Tango, Milonga and Vals during the second golden age of tango during the 1940s and 50s. Pepito quickly became known as the world’s foremost social Milonga dancer and teacher because of his witty and clever combinations. Pepito created some of the most playful steps for both the man and woman to express while dancing to Milonga music. Pepito used these same steps in performances and the teaching of Milonga to Tango couples all over the world.
Gary had the good fortune to be personally taught Milonga by Pepito and his partner Suzuki for an extended period of time during the early 1990’s. Now, after much practice dancing these steps with his dance partner Sahori, they would like to share these step patterns with you. Stay tuned to the website for our next Milonga workshop date and location.

Tango-vals (crossed waltz)

The original European 17th century waltz was the first social dance where couples held themselves in an embrace facing each other with the man’s right arm around the follower and holding the follower’s right hand in his left hand. For this reason the European Waltz is considered the mother of all partner dances. Immigrants arriving in Buenos Aires from Europe brought with them this scandalous hold and it became part of the melting pot from which Tango would evolve.
As tango emerged the Vals too would evolve until a distinctive form appeared that was danced to music played by the tango orchestras. Tango and Vals complemented each other and grew alongside each other with the evolving tango music.
Argentinean Vals is beautiful tango music with a distinctive waltz 1 2 3 (3-count) tempo background. Tango Vals footwork is Tango characterized with frequent double-time steps to arrive at crossed footwork to the 1 2 and 3 timing. Tango Vals music is not as intense as Tango music and not as fast and playful as typical Milonga music. Tango Vals should be danced with a joyful interpretation.
Stay tuned to our website for our next Tango-Vals workshop’s date and location.

Latin Club-style (merengue, cha-cha, rumba and salsa)

It’s easy and a lot of fun to learn the most exciting and popular Latin dance steps to get you looking good and feeling confident enough to dance with different partners in any of Toronto’s many dance nightclubs.


Everyone always enjoys dancing swing. Swing music is up-tempo, playful, energetic, and the music is played and danced to all over the world. Gary’s Swing dancing and teaching experience makes learning Swing dancing easy and enjoyable.

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves is a sophisticated fusion of the best partner dance styles. It’s sort of a Latin American dance catch-all borrowing this and that from dances like the Rumba, Cha-cha, Swing, Hustle, Merengue, and of course the Argentine tango. It’s all mixed together and heated up to a smooth moves temperature that can be danced to most popular music.
Smooth Moves is also an “easy to learn dance” you can do to almost any music, anywhere, and with any partner, once you know the basics.

Freestyle (no-partner dancing)

Freestyle dancing is fun. Freestyle is open, non-touch dancing; dancing you can adapt to any music and personalize with your own style. Best of all it’s easy to learn. It’s the only social dance where the average person with a little of the right instruction and some practice can do interpretive dancing. You can move individually to the music using steps, spins, timings, and stops as the musical moment moves you. You can dance freestyle with a partner but, since there is no contact, there is no leading or following involved.

Social Ballroom

We can teach you enough easy-to-learn social-style ballroom (Foxtrot and Waltz) steps to get you gracefully around the dance floor at the next wedding or dress-up function you’re invited to.


Your wedding dance choreography is a ‘shared love affair’ with your favorite song. There’s no need to feel worried, nervous, or embarrassed because you can’t dance. After a few lessons we’ll have you feeling relaxed poised and confident with dance steps that express your love, connection and commitment to each other.
Romantically unforgettable or awkwardly unforgettable – the choice is yours for one of the most romantic moments of your life.

Gary specializes in showing you how to dance your first dance to the music of your choice. After a few lessons you’ll leave an everlasting memory of your wedding day for yourselves, your family, and your friends. We’ll also teach you some hot Latin style footwork for your reception, on your honeymoon, and later when you get back to the nightlife of Toronto.
Find out how easy it is to be original, unique, elegant, and exciting on your wedding day. Contact us today and find out how easy it is to get started. We’ll help with friendly professional advice on wedding dance etiquette, finding a song, or whatever questions you may have.

Live performances

Need some “electricity” to brighten-up your next function? Gary and Sahori will entertain your private party, club dance, pool party, meeting, company convention, or promote your product or service with some positive energy. Not only will your guests remember the great music and dance entertainment you provided them, but Gary and Sahori will teach them the latest dance steps so they too can join in the fun.

Authentic Tango
Clear the dance floor for the return of the entwined bodies of dancing’s most sultry and hypnotic siren – the Argentine tango.
–“Exhilarating! Dazzling! Sophisticated, and sexy! It will have everyone tangoing in their dreams!”

Smooth moves
A fusion of three popular dance styles, Swing, Tango, and Hustle, provides an exciting performance of couple dancing.
–“Exciting, action packed energy!” to the best music of today!